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S&D CrestThe Somerset and Dorset was possibly one of the most interesting railway lines in the country. With its rather torturous route, linking the Bristol Channel with the South Coast of England. The line had everything, beautiful scenery, deep cuttings, tight curves, numerous tunnels, steep gradients - particularly the sections between Radstock and Evercreech and the climb out of Bath towards Midford where they reached 1 in 50. The line also seemed to have a certain charm all of its own. A certain amount of 'friendly rivalry' existed between stations, with most of them along the line all trying to have the best kept station and gardens.

From its initial forming in 1862, the line existed through some troubled times, particularly in the early years, including two world wars, and even when the line was absorbed into the British Railways nationalisation scheme in 1948, when the London Midland Region operated the line with the Southern Region supervising, the line still held its own character, right up until final closure as part of the famous 'Beeching Axe' in 1966.

The Somerset & Dorset had to put up with a fair bit of  unkind publicity in its day.
This postcard was just one such example, a variation on the "Slow & Dirty" theme.

Postcard of the "Slow and Doubtful"



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