Station opened - July 1856 (as Ashcott & Meare)

Renaming -

Ashcott - 1876

Station closed to goods traffic - 13th July 1964
Station closed to passenger traffic - 7th March 1966

Grid Ref: 182 ST 449397

Originally the station platform here was built of timber, but this was later replaced by a pre-fabricated S.R. type structure. The adjacent station building was built from red brick alongside the road crossing of the Ashcott to Meare road.
There was a single siding just the other side of this crossing on the north side of the line.

A ten lever ground frame controlled the local signals, the access to the siding and operation of the crossing gates.

About half a mile to the west of the station heading towards Shapwick was 'Alexander's Siding' serving the Eclipse Peat Company, who  had a two foot gauge tramway leading into their works. Entry into this siding was controlled by a local lever box.
The two foot gauge tramway also crossed the S&D line on the same level and was the scene of an accident in 1949.

See the 'accident' page for information about this accident.

The little petrol engine
The little petrol engine belonging to The Eclipse Peat Company.
Shown here crossing the S&D line.

Three quarters of a mile to the east of Ashcott station were 'Petfu Sidings', opened in 1920, these served another local peat works.

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