Original station opened - 1st November 1860 (at Blandford St Mary).
New station opened - 31st August 1863 (as Blandford).

Renaming -

Blandford Forum - 21st September 1963.

Station closed to passengers - 7th March 1966.
Station closed to goods - 6th January 1969.

Grid Ref: 194 ST 888067

The original station was opened on the 1st of November 1860 at Blandford St Mary, approximately 1 mile to the south of Blandford. At the time this formed the northern most point of the Dorset Central Railway to Wimborne, in fact, the first sod of this railway was cut here on the 13th of November 1856 by Lady Smith of the Down House. The cost of the ceremony was £224 13s 6d, and this included £71 on wine!

In 1863 following the extension of the line to Cole to meet the Somerset Central a new, larger station was built closer to the centre of the town, and when this opened on the 31st of August the original station was closed.
Built on a slight curve, Blandford was the largest station on the S&D. It had quite large brick built, stone faced buildings, with large wooden canopies on both platforms. There was a subway linking the two platforms.
The large goods yard was adjacent to the station, consisting of cattle pens, a corn store, loading docks, a goods shed and a 7 ton crane.

80067 at Blandford

4MT No. 80067 standing 'wrong line' at the
southern end of the down platform in April 1965.
The loco was possibly performing shunting duties.


On the down platform, towards the northern end of the station was a signal box which controlled the rather large station area and goods sidings complex. 
This box burnt down in 1893 and a new 27 lever one was erected, this was later struck by lightning in 1906! 

Blandford Signal Box
Blandford 27 lever signal box - note the overhang to aid visibility.

Approx 1 mile to the south of the station, built in 1919 was a branch line curving sharply east serving the nearby military camp. This line was barely used after 1921 and was removed in 1928.

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