Station opened - 20th July 1874

Station closed to goods traffic - 15th June 1964
Station closed to passenger traffic - 7th March 1966

Grid Ref: 183 ST 645514

The station was built on a hill overlooking the village and consisted of two platforms, the up being almost twice the length of the down.
The main station buildings were located in the middle of the down platform, being built of brick with a wooden canopy.
There were sidings on the down side at the western end of the station area with the usual cattle pens and loading dock etc. There was also a small goods shed and sidings used for loading coal from New Rock Colliery, this being brought from the colliery to the coal screens by road.

The station area was controlled by a 13 lever signal box, although there were no shunting signals, all shunting movements being signalled by hand.
This box was closed on the 11th of April 1965

Moorewood Sidings

Grid Ref: 183 ST 626509 (Signal Box)

These sidings were located between Chilcompton and Binegar, originally serving The Emborough Stone Works from 1901 on the up side of the line, but later also Moorewood Colliery sidings built on the down side. Both the colliery and stone works were served by their own private narrow gauge lines.

The siding area was originally controlled by a small ground frame, but in 1914 a 19 lever signal box was opened on the up side of the line adjacent to bridge No.59. The box was closed on the 21st of June 1965.

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