Evercreech Junction

Station opened - 3rd February 1862. (As Evercreech)

Renaming -

Evercreech Junction - 20th July 1874

Station closed to goods - 29th November 1965.
Station closed to passengers - 7th March 1966.

Grid ref: 183 ST 639366

This is where the branch to Burnham and Bridgwater left the main line to Bath. The actual junction was situated just to the north of the station.

The station itself consisted of two platforms with stone buildings. The small goods yard was situated behind the down platform and consisted of cattle pens, a small shed and two cranes.
Between the two platform roads at the northern end of the station there was a middle road siding. This was mainly used by banking engines awaiting up trains, and also the Burnham-on -Sea branch train between services.

View South
View of the station looking south towards Cole
Note the middle siding

The station area and goods yard was controlled by the 'South' Signal Box. This was built of brick and timber and was quite tall to give a good view over the adjacent footbridge. It had 26 levers and was located at the southern end of the up platform next to the level crossing.

View North
View from under the footbridge looking north towards the junction.

Just to the north of the station area on the up side of the line was a large six siding marshalling yard. Immediately after this was the actual junction.
The double track main line towards Bath curved quite sharply to the right, with the Highbridge branch more or less carrying 'straight on'. There were sidings located on the down side of the branch ('new' sidings), access being from the throat of the junction.
In the 'v' of the junction was a turntable and sidings, the turntable originally installed around 1904 was 50 feet in diameter, but in 1934 was replaced by a 56 foot unit. There was also an ash pit, shunters hut and weighbridge.

The Junction and entrance to both the marshalling yard and 'new sidings' was controlled by the 32 lever 'North' Signal Box situated near the throat of the junction itself. There were numerous sidings just to the north and south of the junction, and between the diverging lines was a 56 ft turntable and locomotive facilities.

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