Masbury Halt

Station opened - 20th July 1874 (As Masbury)

Renaming - Masbury Halt - 26th September 1938

Station closed to passenger traffic - 7th March 1966
(Unstaffed from 26th September 1938)
Station closed to goods traffic -10th June 1963

Grid Ref: 183 ST 604473

Masbury station was built on a slight curve just half a mile from the summit of the steep climb from Evercreech Junction, with only a short break in the climb near Shepton Mallet many trains were double headed or banked to assist the rather torturous climb to 811 feet above sea level. The 1 in 50 climb to the summit eased to 1 in 300 for the short section of line through the station which had two platforms, with all the main buildings on the up platform, the down having just a small wooden shelter. A siding led to a short dock at the Southern end of the up platform. In September 1938 the station ceased to be staffed and was renamed 'Masbury Halt'. On the down side there were some sidings laid in 1928, which during the Second World War were extended to a nearby Army Camp, these were removed in 1959. 

The station area was controlled by a 20 lever signal box on the up platform, this was closed on the 1st of July 1964.

Grid Ref: 183 ST 613452 (North Portals)

One and a half miles South of Masbury station trains passed through Windsor Hill Tunnels. There was one tunnel for each running line, The 239 yard long 'down line' tunnel was built when the line was originally constructed, with the second 126 yard tunnel being built alongside when the line was doubled in 1892. Both tunnels were brick lined. 

North of the tunnels were sidings providing access to Hamwood Quarry on the up side of the line, and Windsor Hill Quarry situated on the down side. The Windsor Hill Sidings were removed in 1957, with the sidings to Hamwood Quarry surviving into the early sixties.

The sidings area was controlled by a stone built signal box with sixteen levers. The box was built in 1892 when the line was doubled, closing on the 3rd of August 1948.

To the South of the tunnels was 'Downside Quarry Siding, access being controlled by a local ground frame, this being electrically released from Windsor Hill Signal Box. The siding was opened on the 25th Of October 1900, the siding was closed in 1940. Catch points were provided on the up line, just adjacent to the siding to derail any possible runaway vehicles.


Windsor Hill South Portals


Windsor Hill North Portals
Plan of Windsor Hill tunnels and quarries
Note differing lengths of tunnel bore

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