Station opened - 20th July 1874

Station closed to passenger traffic - 7th March 1966
Station closed to goods traffic - 10th June 1963

Grid Ref: 172 ST 761607

Built into the surrounding hillside, Midford station marked the end of the single line section from Bath Junction and the start of the double line towards Templecombe. The station itself, with its single platform and wooden buildings on the up side of the line, was on the single line section, just feet away from the start of the 168 yard long, 8 arch viaduct at the Southern end of the platform. The viaduct crossed the G.W.R. line running between Camerton and Limpley Stoke. The double section of line originally started at the Northern end of the viaduct, but this was later changed with the divergence of the lines starting about half way across.

53809 at Midford in 1960

2-8-0 No.53809 crossing Midford Viaduct approaching the station in July 1960

The station area was controlled by 'Midford Box', a small 16 lever signal box located between the end of the platform and the start of the viaduct. It originally had a pitched roof, but after being partially rebuilt after being damaged on the 29th of July 1936 by runaway 3F 0-6-0 locomotive No. 7620, and a coal wagon, the roof was replaced with a simple flat one. The incident was due to the crew of 7620 failing to close the regulator of their engine after jumping clear of a near collision with a 2-8-0 locomotive way back down the line at Braysdown Colliery, with the runaway locomotive propelling its eight coal wagons along the clear line towards Bath, It began slowly shedding its wagons and scattering debris along the lineside carrying on towards Midford, where the one remaining wagon struck the signal box. The locomotive and remains of the one wagon carried on up the steep climb towards Combe Down Tunnel, finally derailing on the outskirts of Bath. It was amazing that nobody was hurt in this rather farcical incident!

There was a small goods yard situated on the down side of the line some distance North from the station, this consisted of a couple of sidings, a small goods shed and a crane. This yard close on the 10th of June 1963, and the track was removed a year later in the June of 1964. The access to the goods yard was controlled by a covered ground frame 'Midford A', this being released by the section tablet from 'Midford' signal box.

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