Station opened - 15th June 1874

Grid Ref: 195 SZ 037915

Located midway between Poole and Branksome, Parkstone station was built mainly of brick with large wooden canopies. The main station buildings were on the up side of the line. Access to the down line was via an enclosed, fully glazed, iron footbridge located towards the southern end of the platforms. In later years the glazing and roof were removed from the footbridge and the waiting rooms and canopy removed from the down platform and replaced with smaller 'bus shelter' type units.
The 1 in 50 gradient of Parkstone Bank eased to 1 in 300 through the station, only to increase again to 1 in 60 for the remainder of the climb up to Branksome.

Behind the down platform were sidings and a goods shed. A private mineral tramway led away to a pottery located about one and a quarter miles to the south of the station. These sidings were taken out of use on the 25th of October 1965. Access to these sidings and the station was controlled by a small wooden signal box located on the up line just before the start of the platform. This was closed on the 7th of July 1933 when a small local ground frame, located on the down side of the line, was put into use.

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