Station opened - 2nd December 1872

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Built on a sharp curve, Poole station was originally the terminus of the branch from Broadstone between the 2nd of December 1872, when it opened, and the 15th of June 1874, when the line was extended to Bournemouth West . This line built towards Bournemouth was originally single track, being doubled in 1885.
From 1888 the new 'direct' route to London was opened via Bournemouth.

The original station buildings were built of brick with large wooden canopies, however in 1971 the station was re-built using standard flat roofed concrete BR 'CLASP' buildings.
Later in 1988 the station was again re-built, this time with a rather futuristic suspended, vaulted roof design - a slight improvement over the last monstrosity!

There was a large goods yard with numerous sidings and a large brick built goods shed at the Weymouth end of the station on the up side. At one stage (about 1941) there was a large Blue Circle Cement depot built on the site, this was closed down around 1974/75, and since then the yard has slowly been taken over by car parks and wasteland. All that now remains are a few sidings for EMU's, engineering vehicles and crippled stock.

The down platform was double sided and track led from here down to Poole Quay, a quarter of a mile away. This line ran down West Quay Road and then along the length of the Quay. This connection was removed on the 3rd of September 1961.

Poole station looking east - 1960's
View of Poole Station looking towards Parkstone - 1960's

Immediately to the east of the station were two level crossings, both within about a hundred yards. The Towngate Street crossing was in 1971 replaced by the new Towngate Bridge, however the High Street level crossing is still in use, although the road is now a pedestrian zone and the old wooden gates were replaced with modern lifting barriers in 1977.

The High Street crossing gates were controlled by the Poole 'East' signal box, this brick built building was located on the down side of the line adjacent to the crossing. The Towngate Road crossing was controlled by a ground frame.
The station and goods yard area was all controlled by Poole 'West' box, located opposite the goods yard. Both signal boxes were re-named on the 4th of September 1949 - East box became Poole'A', and West box Poole 'B'.
The 'A' box was closed on the 15th of November 1977, with the new lifting barriers being controlled via cctv from the 'B' box. This box is still in use today.

In September 1941 Between Poole station and Holes Bay Junction were laid the Poole yard reception sidings, in later years these have been used for stabling coaching stock, running round of locomotives and EMU storage between duties.

Holes Bay Junction

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Three quarters of a mile to the north of Poole station was Holes Bay Junction, this is where the route to Broadstone diverged to the north and the LSWR main line to Weymouth curved to the west across Holes Bay. The junction was originally controlled by a signal box in the 'v' of the junction. this box closed on the 28th of October 1934, when control of the junction was undertaken by Poole 'B' box using powered points.
During World War One military sidings were opened in 1918 on the up side of the Broadstone line, just yards from the junction. The sidings were taken out of use in 1922. The line to Creekmoor and Broadstone was singled on the 18th of October 1970, and was finally closed on the 2nd of May 1977, and the line to Hamworthy Junction and Weymouth is still in use.

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