Station opened - 20th July 1874. (As Radstock)

Renaming -

Radstock North - 26 September 1949

Station closed to passengers - 7 March 1966
Station closed to public goods - 15th June 1964

Grid Ref: 172 & 183 ST 689550

Originally named Radstock, the station was adjacent to the G.W.R. station, Radstock South. The station was later re-named Radstock North in September of 1949.

There was no direct physical connection between the two stations until closure of the S&D in 1966, when a short spur was installed just south of the station, linking the two lines. This was to enable coal traffic to continue between Writhlington and Portishead.

Class '5' 2-6-0 No. 73047

Class '5' 2-6-0 73047 heading north through
Radstock North station on April 3rd 1963.

The station area was quite extensive, consisting of a two road engine shed, with coaling and water facilities, a goods shed, cattle pens and a wagon works. To the east of the main station and shed area was also the premises of The British Wagon Company Wagon Works (Formerly Wheeler & Gregory Wagon Works) and a timber yard.

Plan showing location of colliery lines, S&D and GWR stations.
Note also the spur line linking the two lines installed in 1966.

The station and yard area was controlled by two signal boxes. These were originally named 'Radstock East' (17 levers) and 'Radstock West' (32 levers). In 1951 they were re-named Radstock North 'A' and Radstock North 'B' respectively. The North 'B' box also controlled the level crossing to the west of the station. In August 1964 the North 'A' box was closed. The North 'B' box was then re-named 'Radstock North'.

Radstock Colliery

East of the station there was a connection to Ludlow Colliery, which closed in 1950. This line also connected to the G.W.R. and until 1966 when the spur was put in to the south of Radstock station this was the only connection between the two companies lines. There was also a line to Tyning Colliery. This was a private tramway, crossing the S&D main line and leading into the G.W.R. yard. Although the colliery closed in 1909 the line was still used for access to the waste tip until 1954.
West of the station there was a siding from the up line leading to Middle Pit. This closed in 1933. The line then led onto Clandown Colliery, which closed in 1929. This line also served the local gas works until final closure in 1955.

Lower Wrythlington

Situated approximately halfway between Radstock and Shoscombe & Single Hill Halt , was a junction leading south to the Colliery at Lower Writhlington. The junction was controlled by Writhlington signal box. The orignal box was opened in May 1875 and was originally named 'Foxcote', with a new 19 lever box being built and opened in 1894.
To the north of the junction were the sidings for the Braysdown Colliery.
After the S&D closed in 1966 coal traffic was still to use the old line to Radstock, and using the newly constructed spur, travelled on to Portishead near Bristol using the G.W.R. line.

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