Shepton Mallet

Station opened - 20th July 1874 (As Shepton Mallet)

Renaming -

Shepton Mallet (Charlton Road) - October 1883

Station closed to goods traffic - 10th June 1963
Station closed to passenger traffic - 7th March 1966

Grid Ref: 183 ST 629430

The station area, just to the east of the town, was quite extensive, consisting of two platforms, linked by a footbridge, the main station buildings were on the up platform, with a waiting shelter and gents toilet on the down side. Also on the down platform was a water column, this was used by most down freight trains after the steep long climb from Radstock.
There were goods yards on both sides of the line, the up side consisting of a large shed, 5 ton crane and cattle dock. The sidings on the down side led to a quarry, stone crushing plant with loading dock, and numerous offices and stores buildings etc, including the lines Signal Inspector and his department for the entire S&D line.
Immediately south of the station the G.W.R. branch line between Yatton and Witham passed over the S&D tracks.
Just to the north of the station, the line crossed the 67 ft high, 317 yard long Charlton Viaduct which had 27 spans. It was built on a curve and was described by many as the S&DJR's architectural masterpiece.

53805 leaving shepton mallet

2-8-0 7F No.53805 leaving Shepton Mallet heading south in Sept 1959

The station area was controlled by a 26 lever signal box located in the centre of the down platform.

In 1883 the station was re-named 'Shepton Mallet (Charlton Road)' to avoid confusion with the nearby G.W.R. station, 'Shepton Mallet Town Street' (later named 'High Street').

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