Lower station opened - 18th January 1862 (Under the Dorset Central Railway)
Lower station closed - 17th January 1887

Lower platform opened - 17th January 1887
Lower platform closed- 3rd January 1966

Lower goods yard closed - 5th May 1950

Grid Ref: 183 ST 710227

The first S&D station to be built at Templecombe was a small terminus station, being at the Southern end of the section of line to Cole which was formally opened on the 18th of January 1862. Regular passenger services did not start until the 3rd of February. The S&D line was linked to the higher level station built in 1860 by the Salisbury & Yeovil Railway by a short spur line to the East of the S&D line.

The extension of the line to Blandford was completed in August 1863, this completed the link from Burnham in the North to Broadstone in the South, with running rights over the L&SWR this allowed through trains to Bournemouth.

Many through trains were routed via the spur to the high level L&SWR station. This involved reversing along the L&SWR main line, causing congestion. In 1870 a new spur was built on the Western side of the S&D line, this led into a newly constructed platform on the Northern side of the L&SWR station, thus relieving the main line of the previous reversals and associated congestion problems. The Eastern spur was then taken out of use and turned into a siding. On the 17th of January 1887 a new low level platform was constructed. This was situated between the L&SWR main line bridge and Combe Throop Lane road bridge. The platform was very short and would not accommodate more than two coaches.

Adjacent to the old station area was a goods yard and locomotive depot. The original loco depot consisted of a single road shed with a thirty foot turntable. In 1887 the old engine shed was replaced by a new timber two road shed, and the turntable was later increased to fifty feet. In 1950 under British Railways the shed (coded 71H) was again rebuilt, still occupying two roads, but this time it was constructed of brick. The goods yard consisted of a single road goods shed and many sidings. The yard was very busy, with nearly all freight trains calling to drop off or pick up loads. There were transfer trips between here and the large nearby L&SWR upper yard, which was located just to the West of the L&SWR upper station.

75072 at Templecombe

4MT No. 75072 leaving the station and heading north.
The lower yard and engine shed is in the background.
The spur to the 'upper' station is on the right of the picture.

At the location of the original 1862 lower station was the old 'Number 1 Junction' signal box. This box controlled all trains entering and leaving the station and the section of single line to the South. The box was taken out of use in 1887 when the new lower platform was opened, and the Number 1 Junction was removed. The ' Number 2 Junction' signal box was located at the junction of the doubled spur line linking on to the L&SWR station, and the single line South towards Number 1 Junction and Broadstone. This wooden box had 40 levers and was the largest on the line. In February 1933 this was renamed 'Templecombe Junction' and controlled the whole of the junction and station area. 'Number 3 Junction' signal box was located to the North of the station area at the throat of the junction complex where trains took the right hand line to go to on to the Number 2 junction and the left hand line to go in to the goods yard and locomotive depot. This 13 lever box survived until February 1933, when the points at this junction were motorised and control passed to the 'Number 2 Junction' box.

Schematic drawing of the track layout

Schematic plan of track layout

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