Description of the line

Edington to Bridgwater Branch

Eddington Jcn to Bridgwater - Single Line

The line is 'up' to Bridgwater

The Bridgwater branch was worked as a single block section. It was built as a single line, though rather optimistically it allowed for double track in the future, but this never took place.

From the bay platform at Edington Junction the line swung away to the south and passed over Chilton Drove Crossing and over the combined waters of the South Drain and the Glastonbury Canal. At Stone End there was another manned crossing, and shortly afterwards the line turned west and began to climb the Polden Ridge. This involved a stretch of about a mile at 1 in 72. Near the foot of this bank was the entrance to Board's Siding, on the up side. This was worked from Edington Junction, the wagons being pushed in front of the engine with a brakevan at the Bridgwater end, the train returning to Edington when shunting was completed. The siding led up a long cutting parallel with the branch and only a few yards to the south, as far as a large quarry.

The approach to Cossington was in a deep cutting. The station, with its single platform on the up side, was built to the north of the village, on the edge of a pretty little wooded valley, and after a final stretch at 1 in 108 the short summit level was reached in a deep cutting, crossed by the A39 road which follows the line of the Roman Road along the Polden ridge. Over the summit the line fell sharply for more than a mile at 1 in 72 to cross the King's Sedgemoor Drain just beyond Bawdrip. Near the foot of the bank was Bawdrip Halt, opened in 1923, a concrete S.R. structure, situated on the up side and conveniently close to the village.

Approaching Bridgwater there was a bridge under the A39, another manned crossing at Horsey lane, and then quite a hump at 1 in 72 to lift the line over the G.W.R. and the A38 before it swung south to run into the terminus past a siding serving Board's brick and tile works, and over Castle Fields Crossing where the signalbox controlled the entrance to the station and yard.


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