These images have been scanned from various sources and are obviously only as good as the originals, and my scanner. Unfortunately this means that to make them easily viewable they are quite large physically (about 2x the originals).
They are all in 'gif' format and therefore will take a few seconds to load (The largest gif file is 94k). The timetable files will load into a separate window, close the window to return to this page.

If you want a copy of the timetable files I have saved them in 'zip' format, although they do not compress anymore, it may make it easier for you to save them - click on the links below to view or download them.

All timetables shown thus [*] are courtesy of Russ Garner.


Train Timetables

1862 - Burnham, Glastonbury, Wells [*] View 'zip' file [53k]
1900 - Midland Main line / L&SWR / S&D [*] View 'zip' file [67k]
1923 - Somerset & Dorset [*] View 'zip' file [51k]
1924 - Evercreech Jcn, Glastonbury and Burnham-on-Sea View 'zip' file [51k]
1938 - Evercreech Jcn, Bridgwater, Glastonbury & Burnham-on-Sea View 'zip' file [70k]
1954 - Highbridge and Evercreech Jcn  View 'zip' file [37k]
1906 - Glastonbury and Wells  View 'zip' file [33k]
1869 - Somerset & Dorset View 'zip' file [80k]
1910 - Somerset & Dorset (up) View 'zip' file [77k]
1922 - Somerset & Dorset (down) View 'zip' file [94k]
1922 - Somerset & Dorset (up) View 'zip' file [85k]


Shipping Timetable
1870 - Burnham Tidal Harbour Company shipping timetable [*]


'zip' file [26k]


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